Parking Information

Parking for the Trail

Parking for the Quequechan River Rail Trail is best accessed from one of two locations.

The parking lot for the Britland Park trail head can be accessed via Wordell Street, off of Plymouth Avenue. Continue on Wordell Street until you reach the parking area. Follow the path marked with the Walk Fall River directional sign on the ground.

The trail can also be accessed near the South Watuppa Pond by utilizing the large parking lot on the opposite side of Route 6 from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). Safely cross Route 6 and continue behind the CIE and Meditech buildings to access the path.

REMINDER: Parking in any private lot or unauthorized space may make your vehicle(s) subject to tow at your own expense. Please use the parking spaces listed above.

To access an interactive map that features the trail and parking locations, please visit: