Walking Tips

Walk the Staircase Gallery at Government Center

If you’re visiting Government Center to pay a bill, take a walk up the Staircase Gallery. When you feel tired, take a break and take in the art!

Tip: After walking up staircases give your knees a rest, and catch your breath, by walking on level ground before sitting down

15 Tips to Help You Walk More

1) Keep comfortable walking shoes at work
2) Identify a daily walking destination by your home, school, or work and commit to going there every day
3) Go on a walk date (my first date with my now husband was a 3 mile walk around a Minneapolis lake)
4) Go on a photo walk
5) Take public transportation – walking to the bus stop or train station adds up
6) Walk to a bathroom further away from your office
7) Find a walk buddy and meet for weekly walks
8) Take a walk tour led by preservation or historical societies
9) Create a walking star chart and give yourself a sticker every day you meet your walking goal
10) Schedule Walking meetings at work
11) Listen to your favorite podcasts while walking
12) Create a playlist that is the length of time you want to walk
13) Establish a 1, 3, and 5 mile walk route by your house
14) Treat yourself to an after dinner walk with your friends or family (a great tradition)
15) Go on a sunrise or sunset walk, take a photo and share on social media

Tips provided by Janelle Nivens